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Surveillance Systems

To avoid unpleasant situations

Video Surveillance Systems help prevent unpleasant situations and even manage them in a more complete and simple way. For added safety and peace of mind, our services include:
  • analog or digital surveillance systems
  • installation of surveillance cameras
  • surveillance system configuration
  • configuration customization
  • surveillance services for the domestic, business and even agricultural environment
  • personalized services
Intercom technology has evolved a lot in recent years. Although there are many variants, it is difficult to choose the most suitable one for you and at a fair price. But what happens when you’re away from home and someone knocks on the door? You can answer, and you can even communicate by seeing who is looking for you! Now it is possible. We offer you:
  • specialist consultancy
  • single-family or multi-family smart intercoms
  • multiple access management options
  • configuration and intercom connection to your preferred device
  • intercom call log
  • training and support in the first steps with new communication technologies


Intelligent access systems and video intercoms

Data Networks

For efficient and organized work

“Where there are many, power grows”, but also the need for organized work and a well established system, so that everyone can carry out their activity without interruption . The data network is the link between all members of your team. Through a well-configured network you will enjoy:
  • increased stability of data transfer inside and outside the network
  • hierarchical access to files and documents
  • organized and clean work environment with no visible cables
  • communication between workstations regardless of the room they are in
  • possibility of configuring a central storage/management/calculation point (server)
  • best quality structured cabling
  • more time for what you love
Automating work processes, but also some activities to make them easier, is always welcome. Automation means increased comfort, both in the business and in the home environment. We help you with automations for:
  • car and pedestrian gates
  • interior lighting systems
  • outdoor lighting systems
  • ventilation systems
  • windows
  • work processes
  • custom projects


For a comfortable life

Access Control

Total control of access areas

With the help of access control systems you can allow access to selected areas only to authorized persons. Also, the complexity of access control systems is scalable, always adapting to the intended project. These systems include:
  • time attendance system
  • keyboards/access readers with biometric scanning (fingerprint/retina)
  • various types of yales with smart functions
  • turnstiles and car barriers
  • locks for offices and hotels
  • smart cards, proximity cards, magnetic stripe cards and biometric systems
In times of insecurity, it deters unwanted entry into protected spaces. Alarm systems offer plus safety both when you are on location and when you are away for longer periods. We find the best option depending on the location where the system needs to be installed, offering alarm systems with:
  • PIR detector
  • IR + MW detector
  • magnetic contact
  • broken window sensors
  • vibration sensors
  • carbon monoxide sensors
  • gas sensors

Alarm Systems

For increased protection

Other services

Here you can find complementary services or offered only occasionally, but which you can benefit from depending on the service package chosen.

IT Systems Maintenance

  • diagnosis of the degree of wear of the various subassemblies
  • cleaning subassemblies
  • verification of operation at normal parameters
  • recommendation and installation of basic or specialized applications
  • check computer system logs

IT Systems Administration

  • installation and configuration of operating systems
  • hardware installation and configuration
  • local firewall configuration
  • troubleshoot software & hardware

Network Administration

  • residential/domestic or professional/industrial network design
  • crimping/plugging cables and network sockets
  • testing and verifying operation within established parameters
  • recommendation and installation of basic or specialized solutions
  • check and troubleshoot network systems

But also a full range of digital services

We provide you with digital services such as web design and management, promotion, SEO optimization, photography, graphic design and content creation. Everything you need for an optimized and efficient project regardless of whether you are a household or business client.

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