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Cristian D. Gînj

„Doing things well is more important than just doing them.”

Here at Frameit, we ar pleased with the creative challenges and we like inspire others. Also, to “frame” emotions, ideas, projects, memories and the wishes of our clients and collaborators helps us to progress. And this has been observed over time and the ever closer collaboration with our current partners and the opening of many opportunities for new collaborations.

Our team is dedicated to web design, SEO optimization, administration of created pages or even existing pages, we also deal with several types of photography, graphic design, consulting and the list can continue.

Over time, through projects and challenges, we have gained extensive experience in delivering the services most suited to your needs. For us, the quality of the final result is not an option, but a mandatory one! And that’s why we like to keep up with the technology, so our equipment is state-of-the-art and of the highest quality. We also have varied offers and we are open to new opportunities and challenges.


The name

Coming from English, the name ‘Frameit’ is composed of Frame and it. They meaning, as the name says is to “put it in the frame”. This is our goal, to put in the frame, to highlight your projects and wishes better.